Energy Efficient Home Improvements in the North West

Image of a house, showing energy being lost through different aspects of the house.

Energy prices are set to rise for the second time in 12 months in April 2022, so it is the perfect time to make some energy efficient home improvements. Just a few simple changes to your home can make a huge difference in how much heating the house needs, both saving you money on your energy bills and saving carbon emissions.

Energy Efficient Windows and Doors

Making your doors, windows and conservatory more energy efficient will reduce your energy bills and lower your carbon footprint, since around 25% of the heat inside your home can be lost through the windows and doors. We can supply a wide range of energy efficient doors to suit the style of your home and your budget. All of our doors are A-Rated or above for energy efficiency! If it’s window upgrades you’re interested in, then look no further! Our Maxitherm+ insulated glass units are the most energy efficient glazing available. In most cases you do not need to change your window frames; upgrading the glazing is just as effective and can dramatically increase the efficiency of your home whilst reducing heat loss and cost.

Loft Insulation

Just like when you wear a hat to keep warm on a chilly day, your home needs insulation in the roof or loft to keep all of the heat from your heating inside the house. Heat rises, meaning that 25% of the heat from your home can be lost through the roof. Find out more, including an estimate of how much money you could save, on the Energy Saving Trust Loft Insulation Website.

Floor Insulation

Insulating your ground floor is a great way to keep your property warm. Generally speaking, you only need to insulate the ground floor. If you’re on an upper floor, you don’t usually need to insulate your floor space, but you should consider insulating any floors that are above unheated spaces such as garages, as you could be losing a lot of heat through those.

Energy Efficient Home Assessment

We offer all of our lovely customers a free energy efficient home assessment, where one of our expert surveyors will come out to your home and assess the quality of your home insulation, glazing and doors. We use the latest thermal imaging technology, so there’s no need to move anything around. We’ll give you the full report, along with our recommendations for making your home the most energy efficient it can be!