Wooden Windows.

Energy Efficient Wooden Windows.

Traditional wooden window frames are fantastic for keeping the history and character of a building. The unique finish and time-honoured designs are hard to match in terms of quality, especially when it comes to Listed buildings and homes in Conservation areas. When sourced responsibly, timber is one of the most environmentally friendly building materials – the timber window frames even help to capture CO2 from the surrounding atmosphere. Wooden window frames also offer the lowest thermal conductivity of any frame material, giving you that extra layer of insulation for your home.

Timber window styles…

Wooden Sash Windows

Sash windows are a classic English window style, perfect for keeping the aesthetic of a heritage property. Our timber sash windows are hand crafted and specially treated to ensure easy opening and closing with no sticking, rattling or wobbling.

Wooden Casement Windows

The practical option, our timber casement windows have hinges at the side to allow for easy opening and less maintenance. Add in our signature self-cleaning glass for a stunning, easy-care face lift for your home.


Wooden Bow & Bay Windows

Bow and Bay windows create extra space and light in a room, and are a popular feature on period properties. Out timber bow and bay windows will be custom designed to match the unique style of your home.


Custom-Built New Timber Windows

If you are looking for new wooden window frames, we can custom design and install them in a choice of softwood or hardwood. Our bespoke timber window frames come complete with our high-performance glazing and with a primer for protection against weathering and rot, as well as a huge range of beautiful ironmongery for those perfect little details.

  • Hand crafted to accommodate any size or style.
  • Ideal for period or listed buildings
  • Bespoke designs, unique to your property
custom timber windows

Rebating Timber Window Frames For Double Glazing

If your timber window frames are intact or repairable, you may not need to change them! Our expert team can repair and rebate original timber frames to add double glazing in a way that is in keeping with the original look and feel of the house. We install our ‘Maxitherm+ Insulated glass units’ high performance glazing as standard. Find out more about rebating timber windows for double glazing.

  • Keep the original character of your home
  • Perfect for Listed Buildings and Conservation areas
  • No need to remove existing building fabric
a close up photograph of a damaged wooden window frames

What Are the Benefits of Timber Windows?


 Classic Bespoke Style

Wooden windows are a great way to maintain the character of your home. Our hand-crafted range combines heritage designs with modern timber treatments to create secure and energy-efficient windows. With our bespoke timber windows, we offer either casement or sash with a selection of paint and stain finishes to maintain the unique style of your home. You can also have matching timber windows and doors to create traditional consistency.

a photograph of a bathroom with white sash windows

 Environmentally Friendly

Our timber windows are our most environmentally friendly window frames. The sustainably sourced sapele hardwood that we use lacks permeability, meaning that it is very difficult for water to seep in, even without the weatherproof primer we use to prevent rot.  Timber window frames also help to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, helping the climate and reducing your carbon footprint.

a photograph of a yellow house, with blue and white windows and red flowers in the window boxes

  Extremely Durable

Sapele hardwood is one of Europe’s most desired woods for handcrafted window frames and doors. Sustainably sourced, it also has several benefits of other popular, but less sustainable hardwoods. For example, it is harder than Red Oak and more durable than Mahogany. Reddish brown in appearance, Sapele is well suited to a transparent coating, making the most of its natural grains.

a close up photograph of a traditional style white wooden sash window mechanism with sash horns

 Traditional Craftmanship With Modern Technology

 If you are looking for environmentally friendly, sustainable and unique windows for your property, our hardwood frames are a great choice. Timber is the most thermally efficient frame material. Combine this  with our signature Maxitherm insulated glazing and you get an A-rated double glazed window, with the time-honoured beauty and style of wooden frames and the energy efficiency of modern windows.

Our Guarantee For Your Reassurance

Our wooden windows come with our standard 10 Year Insurance Backed Guarantee for your peace of mind and reassurance. Find out more about Our Guarantees.

Frequently asked questions…

You certainly can get double glazed wooden windows. We can either restore and rebate your original single glazing, or hand craft a bespoke set of wooden double glazed windows to match your property.

Timber windows are more expensive than uPVC, due to the increased cost of the materials and workmanship. To keep costs down, it may be worth looking into our Timberlook imitation timber uPVC frames, or having wooden frames installed to the front-facing aspect of your property, while having the cheaper uPVC frames to the rear of the home.

With regular and proper maintenance, your timber window frames should last forever! You should clean your wooden window frames with soap and water at least twice a year – using glass cleaner or household cleaning products will damage the protective coating on your window frames. The frames should also be inspected annually, and re-coated if needed.

Most of the time, our signature energy saving glass can be installed into wooden frames. If you are keeping existing timber frames, ideally the frame will be at least 44ml thick, so that we can create a 6ml cavity between the two panes of double glazing without damaging the structural integrity of the frame itself.

If you are using the right products to maintain your windows, both painting and staining will help your timber window frames last for longer. Painted frames need a good wooden primer undercoat. Stained or varnished frames need a waterproof undercoat.

We can custom design bespoke timber windows to suit the aesthetics of virtually any property! We will work with you on the design, colours, finishes and extra details to ensure you are getting your dream energy efficient windows.

Timberlook uPVC Windows

Made from uPVC with timber-like effects and details, Timberlook windows are hand-built and mechanically-jointed, with the most authentic looking square joints to mimic a wooden window frame aesthetic. Find out more about window styles here.