Repair Wooden Windows For Double Glazing

Images of Wooden Frame Windows Needing Repair

Rebating Timber Frames For Double Glazing

With energy prices rising and energy efficiency becoming more prevalent for many people, you may be looking at retrofitting insulation and double glazing to your property.

In a newer home, double glazing and energy efficient uPVC frames generally come as standard. However in older homes, especially Listed properties and homes in Conservation areas, you may be more limited by your choices.

If your timber window frames are intact or repairable, you may not need to change them! Our expert team can repair and rebate original timber frames to add double glazing in a way that is in keeping with the original look and feel of the house. Upgrading the glazing is just as effective and can dramatically increase the efficiency of your home whilst reducing heat loss and cost. We install our ‘Maxitherm+ Insulated glass units’ high performance glazing as standard.

If you’re based in the North West of England, and have timber window frames that you’d like to keep, give us a call on 01772 250 431 to book your free, no obligation home survey appointment!

In most cases, yes we can fit double glazing into single glazed wooden frames. If you are unsure, just give us a call on 01772 250431.

Rebating is a technique we use to create double glazing in an original timber frame. The process involves removing and recycling the single glazed pane, creating a spacer within the wooden frame, and replacing the glass with our energy-saving Maxitherm insulated glass units. The space in between the panes of glass is filled with heat-loss-slowing argon gas, and a pane of soft-coated low-emissivity glass designed to prevent heat escaping through the windows to the cold outdoors in Winter – this also keeps it cooler in the summer by reflecting the heat out.

As long as the frames are not rotten, most wooden frames can support double glazing. Ideally the frames will be 44ml thick to allow for the spacer and the second pane of glass. If you have any questions, we’re here to help! Give us a call on 01772 250431.

No, installing double glazing will not damage the frames, so long as the work is carried out by a qualified professional. At Staywarm Energy, we have qualified joiners and carpenters who are also experts in glazing and installing windows.

Double glazing should make a big difference to the warmth and energy efficiency of your home. The biggest difference will depend on the specification of the insulated glass unit that is put back into the frame. Ideally, we would be able to make a 6ml spacer or cavity in between the panes of glass and fill the cavity with argon gas. All of our rebated insulated glass units come with an argon-filled cavity as standard.

In a typical day, our qualified joiners and carpenters can rebate between 4 and 8 units, depending on how easily the original glass can be removed.

In most cases, we can include specialist glass in the rebated units. There are some exceptions which cannot be included for safety reasons – for example the bullseye glass panels in the video above had to be left as single glazed panels as the magnifying effects of the sun with the bullseye glass in a double glazed unit can cause a fire risk. If you’re unsure, just give us a call!

We certainly can make leaded glass windows double glazed! We have a few different options for leaded or stained glass windows. If you want to keep the existing stained or leaded glass panes and they are in good condition, we can encapsulate them within a double glazed unit, protecting the original pane of glass and creating a highly thermally efficient triple glazed unit. If the stained or leaded glass panes are damaged, we can repair them for you! If the leaded or stained glass units are beyond repair, we can replicate them using new materials, creating an exact copy to use within one of our high performance insulated double glazing units.

In some cases, we may be able to repair the wooden window frame as part of the work carried out. We can also work with you to custom design new hardwood timber window frames!