North West Energy Efficiency Awards Winner!

Commendation - North West Energy Efficiency Awards Winner!

We Are a North West Energy Efficiency Awards Winner!

We are delighted to announce that we have won a North West Energy Efficiency Award! At the regional awards ceremony, held last night at the Last Drop Village in Bolton, Staywarm Energy has been awarded a Commendation for Insulation & Fabric Installer & Contractor of the Year 2022. The judges considered the nature, scale and scope of the work we have carried out over the last 12 months, with a special emphasis on the successful integration of any Local Government Energy Efficiency schemes in our projects.

Our General Manager, Martin Porter, commented on our award win: “I feel privileged to have won yet another award after the last 2 years being very turbulent. Thank you to all my staff and customers for all their hard work and patience. It shows by being a dedicated energy efficiency company and leading the way forward in the glazing industry, we can make a difference to our customers and be recognised by the industry.”

Our Commitment to Energy Efficiency Across the North West

From the moment the company was established in 2011, helping customers make their homes more energy efficient has been the core of our business. We are unique in the North West in providing this service, as many of the other companies locally focus on boilers and energy supply, whereas at Staywarm Energy we assess the whole house. We have been trading across the North West for over ten years and have saved customers 100s of tonnes of CO2 and have saved countless thousands in heating costs.

When a customer comes to us at Staywarm Energy, our first port of call is always to arrange a home visit to conduct an energy efficiency survey and find out more about the property. We use cutting edge thermal technologies to provide the most accurate and efficient assessment of the efficiency of the property’s glazing, doors, roofs, and insulation, and provide a full Energy Performance Certificate free of charge to all our customers – promoting the idea of becoming more energy efficient, whether they choose to book work with us or not.

We have developed our own Trademarked Insulated Glazing Units, fitted in all our double-glazing projects as standard, and made with a combination of technologies to make the units up to 90% energy efficient. Maxitherm+™ insulated glass units can be made as either double or triple glazed units. They include: a warm edge spacer bar, an argon gas filled cavity improving the thermal insulation efficiency, a Pilkington Activ coating to help keep the glass free from dirt and a pane of soft-coated low-emissivity glass designed to prevent heat escaping through the windows to the cold outdoors in Winter – this also keeps it cooler in the summer by reflecting the heat out.

Book Your Free Home Energy Efficiency Assessment Today!

If you would like to know how we can make your home more energy efficient, please get in touch! You can give us a call on 01772 250431 between 9am – 5pm Monday – Thursday and 9am – 4pm Fridays. You can email us to info@staywarmenergy.co.uk, or just fill in the Contact Form at the bottom of the page.