uPVC Windows.

Energy Efficient uPVC Windows

There’s no surprise that uPVC has been one of the nation’s most popular choices of window frames for many years. It’s a versatile and reliable material that requires minimal maintenance. Our energy efficient uPVC windows are our most popular options, with a wide range of colours, finishes, styles and decorative glass options to make a real visual impact.


uPVC window styles…

uPVC Casement Windows

This classic ‘open out’ design of window means you can replace windows in both traditional and modern styles of property and enhance the overall appearance. Casement windows can also be connected to create bay window styles and can even be combined with other types of window to create more natural light in a room.

uPVC Sash Windows

Sash windows are a classic English window style, perfect for keeping the aesthetic of a heritage property. Whether you reside on a modern property and you’re looking to add a heritage style, or you live in a period property and want to retain the historic charm, we’ve got the ideal new uPVC sliding sash windows for you.

uPVC Bow & Bay Windows

Bay and bow windows are a great way to bring more light and space into your home. Enrich the look of your bow and bay windows with a range of additional designs including leaded glass, Georgian bars, or decorative toplights. We only use high-quality uPVC for the best energy efficiency.

uPVC French Windows

A set of uPVC French Windows/Doors shares most of the benefits of uPVC doors in general – they are secure, thermally efficient, weather-resistant and generally hard-wearing. As our Staywarm Energy uPVC French windows will be double-glazed with our signature Maxitherm insulated glazing, they will be very good at keeping heat in and noise and cold out.

uPVC Flush Fit Windows

Our flush profile windows combine the beauty and elegance of traditional timber with all the benefits of uPVC. They make a stunning addition to both traditional and contemporary properties, transforming period homes, country cottages and modern townhouses. Their unrivalled aesthetic appeal makes it one of the most attractive windows on the market today.

uPVC Tilt & Turn Windows

From any angle, PVC Tilt & Turn windows are unique, functional and stylish. These windows are often called the ‘Continental Window’ are versatile by being able to function as both a venting window and an inward opening ‘door’. The variable, inward-opening panes make cleaning an easy task and brings added low-draught ventilation to the home. It’s also less inviting to intruders than leaving a side-hinged window wide open.

uPVC Window Colours

Add a splash of colour to your home and let your personality shine through with our range of uPVC window colours and finishes. The windows are available in an array of colours, ranging from classic shades such as White and Cream through to woodgrain foils which mimic the natural appearance of wood for a low-maintenance alternative to timber.

Decorative Glass Options

Whether you are looking for gorgeous leaded and stained glass toplights to complement an older property, or need a frosted finish for privacy, we offer a wide range of decorative glass options with our new or replacement uPVC windows. If you have existing single glazed decorative glass that you would like to keep, we can either replicate them as double glazed units, or restore and encapsulate them into triple glazed windows.

leaded glass

What Are the Benefits of uPVC Windows?

a photograph of a white window frame with white curtains and tilt and turn windows


A hugely appealing feature of uPVC is that it is very low maintenance. uPVC doesn’t rot, flake, fade or rust, plus it only needs a quick wipe down with a cloth and warm soapy water to keep it clean. The white uPVC look is also very clean and simple and is sometimes considered a more attractive option to other materials such as aluminium and timber.

a photograph of a house with white casement windows and flowers in a window box

Energy Efficient 

Our uPVC windows are our most energy efficient frames, as uPVC does not shrink and swell with the weather or temperature as timber does. When we are installing our signature Maxitherm insulated glazing into uPVC frames, your windows are up to 90% energy efficient! We are so confident about the supreme quality of our uPVC windows, that we offer a Lifetime Guarantee on the glazing.

a photograph of a white window with wine, flowers in a vase and a coffee grinder on the windowsill

Soundproofing Qualities

uPVC windows are very good at being soundproof due to the conducting properties of the material itself, but it is good to note that if you live on a busy main road, whilst it may reduce noise drastically, it may not eliminate it all together. In addition to the frames, double glazing prevents noise coming into your home with the argon-gas filled cavity between the panes of glass.

a white upvc window handle

Strong and Secure

Installing secure uPVC windows that meet accredited standards will help to protect your home from intruders and should be fitted as standard for ground-floor windows. Our uPVC frames come with ultra-secure multi-point locking, both when completely closed and when slightly open to allow fresh air into the room while maintaining security.

Our Guarantee For Your Reassurance

Our wooden windows come with our standard 10 Year Insurance Backed Guarantee for your peace of mind and reassurance. Find out more about Our Guarantees.

Frequently asked questions…

Yes, coloured uPVC windows will be around 10% more expensive than white frames. All uPVC frames are made in white, then a foil is applied and heat-sealed to add the colour.

Usually changing the style of your windows when you are having new uPVC frames installed is no problem! This can depend on the size of the current opening, if any structural changes will need to be made to your home, and on the new style complying with UK Building Regulations.

How long your uPVC windows will last depends on two things – the quality of the products & installation, and how you look after your windows and frames. Some of the cheaper uPVC frames are actually made from the offcuts left over after premium frames are made – these can turn yellow or pink in the sunlight very quickly, and can dry out and crack. The frames we use at Staywarm Energy are premium quality, made from 66% recycled pellets mixed with virgin powder and fully reinforced inside the plastic outer.

If you have young children, or are likely to have young children staying with you regularly, it is a good idea to add safety measures, especially in rooms in upper floors. There are various types of window lock for different styles, but these generally tend to need all of the windows to be closed, which does not help for comfort or ventilation. We would recommend installing the wire-type window restrictors (like these ones on Amazon), meaning you can still have the window open and feel the breeze, while feeling confident that the little ones are safe.

Surprisingly, our uPVC windows are extremely eco-friendly! PVC-U is a highly recyclable building material with a Building Research Establishment Green Guide to Specification A and A+ rating for domestic and commercial application.

This is founded on a recognised Reference Service Life of at least 35-years and that PVC-U can be recycled up to 10 times without impacting on performance. Our Staywarm Energy uPVC frames are manufactured in the UK and sourced locally, keeping carbon emissions from deliveries as low as possible.

In partnership with our accrediting body FENSA and our local partner CNC Recycling, all of the used frames are collected weekly and taken to be processed in our local recycling centre.

The frames are processed into pellets that are then in turn used to make new window frames, reducing both the waste sent to landfill and the need to make new plastics!

We are very proud of CNC Recycling as they won the National Fenestration Awards Recycling Company of the Year 2021!

Making your doors, windows and any other glazing more energy efficient will reduce your energy bills and lower your carbon footprint, since around 25% of the heat inside your home can be lost through the windows and doors. Find out more about our trademarked Maxitherm insulated glazing and how it insulates your home.

Our Recycling Scheme

At Staywarm Energy, we are dedicated to helping our customers save money and save energy, as well as helping to reduce the carbon footprint of our local area. We have recycling schemes in place for used glass and used uPVC. Find out more about our recycling schemes.