Our Recycling Schemes

Our Recycling Schemes

At Staywarm Energy, we are dedicated to helping our customers save money and save energy, as well as helping to reduce the carbon footprint of our local area. We have recycling schemes in place for used glass and used uPVC – find out how these can save you money on your new windows and doors.

Our Glass Recycling Scheme

When we remove used glass or glazing units from our customers’ homes, we bring it back to our HQ and recycle it. We have been working with our recycling partner URM Group for over 10 years! All of the used glass is collected and processed into new glass – a process which saves lots of energy compared to making new glass. Find out more about our insulated glass upgrades.

Our uPVC Recycling Scheme

We now also recycle all of the used uPVC frames we take away from our customers’ homes! In partnership with our accrediting body FENSA and our local partner CNC Recycling, all of the used frames are collected weekly and taken to be processed in our local recycling centre. The frames are processed into pellets that are then in turn used to make new window frames, reducing both the waste sent to landfill and the need to make new plastics! We are very proud of CNC Recycling as they won the National Fenestration Awards Recycling Company of the Year for the past 2 years in a row!

How Does This Save Me Money On New Windows?

With the cost of living spiralling at the moment, we’re always looking for new ways to save you money on new windows, doors and home improvements! With our recycling schemes, we have eliminated the cost of storing and removing the waste glass and uPVC. Skip hire and landfill sites are both expensive – so we get to remove these costs entirely and pass the savings on to you!

Creating a Circular Economy in Construction

Unfortunately construction is still an industry that produces lots of carbon emissions and un-recyclable waste. Our team are working hard to improve this! We’re working with our local Chamber of Commerce and the Chamber Low Carbon Initiative to improve not only our own carbon footprint, but also that of other businesses in our area! Watch this space tor more updates…