Insulated Glass Upgrades

Insulated glass upgrades in Preston and across the North West.

In most cases you do not need to change your window frames; upgrading the glazing is just as effective and can dramatically increase the efficiency of your home whilst reducing heat loss and cost. We install our ‘Maxitherm+ Insulated glass units’ high performance glazing as standard. We want you to have the best for your home. We can upgrade the glass into existing PVCu, wooden or aluminium frames, as well as upgrading from single to double glazing.

What Makes A Maxitherm+ Insulated Glass Unit High Performance?

Maxitherm+ insulated glass units can be made as either double or triple glazed units. They include: a warm edge spacer bar, an argon gas filled cavity improving the thermal insulation efficiency, a Pilkington Activ coating to help keep the glass free from dirt and a pane of soft-coated low-emissivity glass designed to prevent heat escaping through the windows to the cold outdoors in Winter – this also keeps it cooler in the summer by reflecting the heat out.

Please visit Pilkington Activ™ Range for more information on the self cleaning range. What’s more, we trust in the longevity of our units so much that on top of your 10 year insurance backed guarantee we also offer a LIFETIME GUARANTEE on glass replacements. Yes that’s right, a LIFETIME!

Benefits of our Maxitherm+ glass upgrades.

Warm Home

Reduces heat loss & noise reduction within your property.


Low maintenance with the Pilkington Activ coating.


Existing glass is recycled.

Pilkington Activ “self-cleaning” GLASS

Self-cleaning glass is exactly as the name suggests – glass that keeps itself clean. It uses an organic process whereby dirt is broken down by daylight and is then washed away by rain.


Our glass recycling programme.

We are proud to have recycled thousands of tonnes of glass for over 10 years. We work closely with the URM group who are the UK’s leading company for buying in and recycling glass. Landfill waste sites can be expensive and are not friendly for the environment. Because we are only charged for transportation of our recycling materials, the money we save we give back to our customers which is the reason behind setting up our independent glass recycling program. Staywarm Energy will absorb a proportion of the cost towards upgrading your glazing for recycling your existing. 

Save Money

Saves you money.

Lower Your Energy Bills

Improves the efficiency of your home by reducing your heating bills.

Caring for the einvironment

Contribute towards being environmentally friendly.