Energy Efficiency Experts of the Year North West

A graphic showing energy efficiency experts of the year award 2022 north west from Small & Medium Enterprise Awards

Staywarm Energy have been recognised as Energy Efficiency Experts of the Year North West! Our business is 100% dedicated to helping homeowners across the North West region save money and save energy.

Staywarm Energy have been awarded Energy Efficiency Experts of the year – North West!

We are delighted to announce that we have won another award! Our energy efficiency expert consultancy has been recognised as the best in the North West in the UK Enterprise Awards 2022 and we are just over the moon about it. Despite the obvious hardships the last two years have brought to the UK, we’ve worked tirelessly to adapt and overcome a myriad of challenges, and it’s wonderful to have our dedication recognised. It goes without saying that this is a fantastic achievement for Staywarm Energy and a true marker of the hard work and commitment invested day to day.

Staywarm Energy Efficiency Experts

From the moment the company was established in 2011, helping customers make their homes more energy efficient has been the core of our business. We have been trading across the North West for over ten years and have saved customers 100s of tonnes of CO2 and have saved countless thousands in heating costs.

When a customer comes to us at Staywarm Energy, our first port of call is to arrange a home visit to conduct an energy efficiency survey and find out more about the property. We use cutting edge thermal technologies to provide the most accurate and efficient assessment of the efficiency of the property’s glazing, doors, roofs, and insulation, and provide a full Home Energy Efficiency Report free of charge to all our customers.

Our expert energy efficiency advisors will check the quality of your:

  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Insulation
  • Any other glazing
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