Rockdoor Composite Doors

A collage of different composite doors in different houses

With their inimitable style, excellent energy rating and ultimate security features, it’s no wonder that Rockdoor composite doors are the first choice for many of our customers when they are planning a front door makeover.

a photograph of a brick house with an arched doorway and a graphic showing a BFRC energy rating of A++

Thermal Efficiency

Rockdoor composite doors use various thermally efficient materials during their construction to reduce heat loss, whilst also benefitting from features like S-Glaze technology which eliminates draughts through the glazing aperture of the door.

Rockdoor are the first and only manufacturer in the industry to have an entire series of doors that are A-Rated! Heat loss through a Rockdoor is the lowest available, and all Rockdoor products are BFRC registered.

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energy Efficiency features
  • Thermally efficient PVC-U skin
  • 50mm thick sash
  • lon gasket
  • Aluminium reinforced inner frame
  • Frame encapsulated in PVC-U
  • High-density polyurethane foam
  • Optional low PVC-U threshold
  • Locks the glass into the door for life
a newspaper snippet from 2004, reading "The Door That Beat The Bobbies"


In 2004 Rockdoor grabbed the headlines with ‘Door that Beat the Bobbies’. The police were unable to gain access through the door despite all of their best efforts including attempting to smash through the door with their battering rams. Read more on the Rockdoor website.

To ensure absolute strength and security each and every Rockdoor is manufactured right here in Lancashire. They go through comprehensive quality and assurance checks ensuring every door meets security certifications and accreditations including Secure by Design, a police backed initiative.

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secure features
  • S-Glaze technology
  • Glass cannot be removed from door
  • Reinforced inner frame
  • Nickel coated solid brass hook locks
  • Diamond Secure 3 Star Cylinders
  • Internal Steel Security Mesh
  • Optional extra hooks & security chains
  • Optional extra night latch and laminated glass
A photograph of a red front door on a house with ornamental trees either side


In terms of style, kerb appeal and the “WOW Factor”, you can’t go wrong with a Rockdoor composite door. Available in a range of different styles and colours, and with a wide variety of decorative glazing options and quality door furniture, you can design your Rockdoor to your perfect specifications.

Choose from modern, country or traditional styles to match the look and feel of your home. We can even create bespoke colour-matched window frames to ensure that your lovely home will be turning heads for years to come!

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Styling Options
  • Choose from 25 door styles
  • Choose from 13 door colours
  • Front, back, stable and french doors
  • Choice of door furniture
  • Decorative glazing options
  • Side frames and top lights
  • Colour-matched windows available
  • Every door custom-made

designed to a standard – not to a price

At Staywarm Energy, we use exceptional components, each one layering value and quality to your installation.

It’s not rocket science… the better the components, the better the door, and we always go for the quality our reputation depends upon.

From solid, indestructible locks to carbon fibre reinforcement, a Rockdoor composite door is designed to a standard so that it never lets you down!

Together with our highly qualified and experienced installers, you know that when Staywarm Energy are supplying and installing your Rockdoor, you are getting the highest quality you can find.

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A photograph of a Rockdoor front door in anthracite grey
A photograph of a kitchen with a stable door half open
2 different back doors
French doors in rosewood on a stone built home

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