Step-by-Step: Installing the Manhattan Rockdoor in Irish Oak

Manhattan Rockdoor

Welcome to our latest installation showcase, where we take you behind the scenes of a recent project featuring the stunning Manhattan Rockdoor in Irish Oak. In this step-by-step guide, we’ll walk you through the meticulous process of installing this elegant front door, offering valuable insights into the craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into every Staywarm Energy project.

Join us as we transform homes and elevate kerb appeal with the timeless beauty of the Manhattan Rockdoor.


The installation was part of a larger ongoing project to transform the full property. This meant that unlike typical installations, where existing doors need removal, our task involved fitting the Rockdoors into an empty space.

Before picture of Manhattan Rockdoor

Fitting Door & Side Panel Frames

Our expert team began by carefully positioning the side panels and frame, ensuring precise alignment and a secure fit. Each component was meticulously measured and adjusted to seamlessly integrate with the Manhattan Rockdoor, laying the foundation for a flawless installation.

Placing the Manhattan Rockdoor

Once the side panels and frame were securely in position, our skilled technicians delicately maneuverer the door into place. With expert precision, the door was aligned perfectly within the frame, ensuring smooth operation and a seamless finish.

engineers putting Manhattan Rockdoor in place
Engineer fitting hinges on Manhattan Rockdoor

Installing the Hinges

With meticulous attention to detail, our team proceeded to fit the hinges onto the Manhattan Rockdoor.

Each hinge was carefully positioned to ensure optimal functionality and longevity. Our technicians meticulously adjusted the hinges, guaranteeing smooth opening and closing motions for years to come.

Glazed & Beading of Side Panels

Our team then installed the glazing on each side panel before internally beading them. This ensures an extra layer of protection against external beading as any intruders can not remove the glazing from the outside.

Engineer installing glass and beads on side panel of Manhattan Rockdoor
Engineer applying expanding foam to the Manhattan Rockdoor

Applying Expanding Foam

We use expanding foam around the edges between the frame and wall to fill gaps and create an air-tight seal. This prevents extra heat loss to ensure the maximum possible energy efficiency and adds a layer of sound insulation.

Applying Cover Trims for Couplers

The couplers play a vital role in securing the gaps between the door and side frames. By drilling screws through them, we ensure that the door and side frames are firmly in place, minimizing any potential heat loss. Furthermore, our team expertly applies Irish Oak cover trims to provide an aesthetically pleasing solution, creating a seamless look without exposing any steel, thereby enhancing the overall visual appeal of the installation

Engineer fitting cover trims for side couplers on Manhattan Rockdoor
Engineer fitting trims on Manhattan Rockdoor
Engineer sealing Manhattan Rockdoor

Door Trimmed & Sealed

In the final stage of the installation process, our experts applied the trims to the Manhattan Rockdoor. These trims not only provide a finishing touch but also contribute to the overall visual harmony of the entrance.

Additionally, our team sealed all gaps and joints, further enhancing the door’s insulation and weatherproofing capabilities. This process guarantees that the Manhattan Rockdoor not only looks stunning but also performs exceptionally, providing security, energy efficiency, and durability for years to come.

As the final touches were made and the Manhattan Rockdoor in Irish Oak was securely installed, the transformation was remarkable. We invite you to witness the incredible journey from start to finish here.


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The installation of the Manhattan Rockdoor in Irish Oak showcases our commitment to quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.

From the initial preparation to the final touches, every step of the process is carefully executed to ensure optimal performance and aesthetic appeal. Check out our full range of doors below!

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