Exploring Composite Door Styles

Composite door styles

Welcome to our guide on composite door styles! If you’re in the market for a new front door that combines durability, security, and style, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ll take you on a journey through a diverse range of composite door styles offered by leading manufacturers such as Rockdoor, Homeframe, and Solidor. From classic designs to contemporary aesthetics, there’s a composite door style to suit every home’s unique personality and architectural flair.

Whether you’re seeking traditional charm, modern sophistication, or something in between, join us as we explore the captivating world of composite door styles and discover the perfect fit for your home.

Composite Door Styles – Astoria Rockdoor

The newest door in Rockdoor’s extensive collection, the Astoria’s timeless design boasts a striking rectangular window at the top, accented by three elegant mouldings below. Offering a nod to the classic style of the 1930s while seamlessly complementing modern homes.

Available in the full spectrum of 13 colours, the Astoria ensures there’s a perfect match for every homeowner’s taste.

Composite door styles, Astoria

Vermont Rockdoor

A contemporary modern classic which is unique to Rockdoor, the Vermont is a firm favourite for homeowners. A perfect combination of style and security, this captures the essence of Rockdoor with a stunning entrance door.

The Vermont boasts all the security and thermal efficiency benefits of a Rockdoor. Whilst it suits a wide range of homes with its long narrow glass aperture and detailed moulding.

Jacobean Rockdoor

The Jacobean offers a stunning classic style which is incredibly versatile. The two symmetrical glass panes allow plenty of natural light and come in various designs.

This makes this door a suitable entrance for either the front, back or even the side of your house.

Milano Solidor

Milano Solidor

The Milano comes from Solidor’s Italian Collection. A luxury addition which offers a sophisticated and contemporary feel. The textured grain and linear design elevate the Milano as an excellent choice for quality and aesthetic appeal.

The Milano is fully customisable with a wide range of glazing and colour options to suit any home. Solidor offers an excellent range of side panels to match door styles.

Ludlow Solidor

Solidor’s most popular style of composite door. The Ludlow beautifully captures the visual style of a classic door whilst offering excellent security for any home.

Available in a broad range of colours with a selection of glass options, the Ludlow is a versatile option. A stand out member of Solidor’s Traditional Collection which brings classic designs into the modern era.

Flint Solidor

The Flint Cottage range from Solidor is the perfect fit for British Cottages. They are quickly on their way to being the first choice for cottage owners.

The vertical panelled appearance combined with a rang of glazing options such as the singular square for a classic look or a broader option like the single or triple diamond shaped glass.

Helsinki Homeframe

Homeframe is the GRP composite door branch of GAP who manufacture Rockdoor. Homeframe offer a more cost effective option which boasts stylish good looks and high levels of security.

The Helsinki is an excellent modern option for any home. One rectangular panel offset by two square panels make this door a stylish option which is hugely popular with homeowners.

Madeira Homeframe

One of Homeframe’s traditional options, the Madeira lends itself to both front and back doors. The arched glass, which is available in a range of stunning designs, makes for a beautifully welcoming home entrance.

It can be seen here with Zinc Art Star glass and a Chartwell Green door.

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Exploring Composite Door Styles

Welcome to our guide on composite door styles! If you’re in the market for a [...]

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