Flush Sash Windows Timberlook

Photographs of Flush Sash Windows in Different Homes

We are delighted to announce that we can now supply and install Timberlook Flush Sash Windows. This window system features hand-built, energy efficient sash windows and casement windows in uPVC.

What are Timberlook Flush Sash Windows?

The newest addition to our fantastic range of energy efficient windows is the Timberlook Flush Sash & Casement range. Made from uPVC with timber-like effects and details, Timberlook windows are hand-built and mechanically-jointed, with the most authentic looking square joints to mimic a wooden window frame aesthetic.

New Windows For Properties in Conservation Areas?

Trying to introduce modern glazing technology into period and Listed properties remains an ongoing challenge, particularly when it comes to Listed properties and properties within Conservation areas. Conservation departments are protective of original heritage glass found in listed buildings, and prohibit removing historic fabric from listed buildings without consent. Yet many Listed property owners want to embrace modern energy efficiency technology and incorporate energy saving features. Timberlook Flush Sash and Casement Windows are designed to help with precisely this problem! The window designs mimic original heritage flush casement designs and eliminate diagonal welds. The flush style is ideal for period or historic projects and these windows have been accepted in conservation areas by local planning authorities across the UK.

Are Flush Sash Windows Energy Efficient?

In a word, yes! Timberlook windows are made from durable, high quality, energy efficient uPVC and the window edges are completely sealed. Combined with our super high-performance Maxitherm™️ Insulated Glass upgrades, you can be confident that you will save energy, keep the heat within your home and keep you cool in the warmer months.

Can I Have Flush Windows in a New House?

You certainly can have Flush Windows in a new house. The styles are minimalistic, and come with a range of furniture to enhance either a modern look or a more traditional style. Timberlook wood-effect windows are also more suited to modern living than timber windows. They have none of the costly maintenance and do not deteriorate like wood. For more information on the Timberlook range, check out their website!

What Is The Difference Between a Sash Window and a Casement Window?

Casement windows open via a hinge, whereas sash windows traditionally slide over one another using a pulley system.

Can You Quote For Flush Sash Windows For My Home?

We certainly can! Give us a call on 01772 250 431, or send us an email to info@staywarmenergy.co.uk to book your free, no obligation appointment.